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Thank you for a great summer!

Registration for Summer 2024 will be open in January.

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My children had a great time at Summer on the Hilltop! They were always excited to show us what they had done 和 learned in camp that day.
Clearly each instructor was passionate 和 enthusiastic to work with the campers! My child tends to take a while to warm-up upon arrival each day, but expressed that they had a wonderful time, made friends 和 loved all of the teachers. It was great to see how comfortable 和 happy the instructors made him feel.
夏令营很棒! My child had never played this sport before attending camp but this was a great jumpstart. It was nice having a novice group as well as a more experienced group to guide the newer players. They learned so much 和 felt encouraged 和 supported throughout the experience. They came away loving the sport 和 wanting to play more.
My child was very engaged in one of the STEAM camps! They did "homework" 和 talked with friends 和 family about what they were learning—which is how I know this camp was more impactful than many others they have attended. Engaging coding/tech camps for advanced learners are hard to find in this area.
Thank you to every single counselor for Base Camp! You made the camp fun, 令人兴奋的, 和 were somehow able to provide individual attention to these little campers.


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